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A Handy and Simple Billing Software

Xin Invoice is handy and comprehensive billing software specially designed for small and medium business. It's easy to start creating your company information by using the company creation wizard. If you have more than one company, no worry because Xin Invoice support multiple companies.

By using this billing software, you able to generate professional quotation, invoice, credit note, customer statement & delivery notes. All these document can be easily convert to PDF, HTML, Excel, image, rtf & others format for printing or email purposes. You can email or fax the document to your customer directly by using Xin Invoice 3.0.

You can upload your logo and customize your invoice, quotation, credit note, delivery note, customer statement layout by using the built-in professional templates in Xin Invoice billing software. You can also create your own invoice template, quotation template and others template or edit the existing template by using the user friendly template editor that comes with this billing software.

This billing software is also come with customer payment status feature in which will help you ensure timely payment receiving. Xin Invoice billing software is built to support multiple tax rates feature which can overcome the multiple tax issue.

This billing software also come with recurring invoice generation feature. You can configure how frequent to invoice your customer easily.

In reporting module, Xin Invoice billing software comes with a reporting feature which allows you to easily render up-to-date company sale reports, customer payment reports, sales charts and etc. You can view either from a summarized level or a detailed level report.

This billing software comes with password protection, you can choose to set password to protect from others to check your quotations, invoices and etc. You can also back up the data to protect data lost caused by any predictable reason.

This billing software also comes with seven standard skin to suit your preferable skill color and layout.

Check out our features in Xin Invoice billing software features with screenshot.

Xin Invoice is a billing software for small business. It also a billing software for freelancer.

Xin Invoice billing software 3.0 Demo

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Xin Invoice 3.0
- USD 49.90

- Billing software for windows
- Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

invoice software billing software

free invoice software billing software

Xin Invoice 3.0 with new features is now released.

Check out our 30 days trial version or buy now with one cost off .

billing software

billing software


  • + Create Quotation
  • + Create Invoice
  • + Create Invoice import from quotation
  • + Schedule recurring invoices
  • + Create Credit Note
  • + Copy Quotation
  • + Copy Invoice
  • + Receive payment
  • + Export Quotation & Invoice to PDF format
  • + Customize Quotation, Invoice template
  • + Upload signature for Invoice & Quotation
  • + Print Customer Statement
  • + Customer database
  • + Quotation & Invoice database
  • + Change company settings & logo
  • + Support multiple Tax
  • + Support multiple companies
  • + Change Invoice & Quotation Reference code
  • + Easy invoice filtering
  • + Advance Data filtering
  • + Create Sales Person
  • + Database backup
  • + Inventory management
  • + Email document to customer
  • + Fax document to customer
  • + Create new quotation, invoice template & etc
  • + Create own report Data export to excel
  • + Export report to PDF, Excel & etc
  • + Document attachment
  • + Password protected
  • + Personalize system skin
  • + Standard Report Sales report
  • + Customer list
  • + Invoice Status report
  • + Invoice Received report
  • + Sales Chart
  • + Inventory popularity report & more ..

Billing Template - Sample

Xin Invoice billing software comes with professional invoice template, quotation template, debit note template, customer statement template and others.

This billing software also comes with user friendly template editor to allow you to manage your own invoice template, quotation template and etc.

Invoice template Invoice template

Invoice template Invoice template

You can check on more invoice templates, quotation templates and etc @ Xin Invoice billing software invoice template.

Xin Invoice Screenshot

Xin Invoice billing software comes with easy and simple interface. You can even change the skill acording to what you like. Below are the screenshot for some of the modules.

billing software

billing software billing software

billing software invoice template

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You can download Xin Invoice software 2.0 free version (less features) or you can also download Xin Invoice 3.0, 30 days trial version. After 30 days trial, if you wish to continue to use Xin Invoice 3.0, you can purchase the registration key to unlock the invoicing software.

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billing software
You can purchase Xin Invoice 2.0 paid version or Xin Invoice 3.0 registration key to unlock this invoicing software and use it permanently. After you purchase the key, our system will send the key to you through email.